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Georgian Research Center for Regional Economic Priorities

Currently we are analyzing the economic perspectives of  Dusheti District. We have chosen this region for our research activities because there is a big potential for development of

Agriculture - According to the estimates based on even the highest possible population count
                        (33 500 citizens), the amount of agricultural grounds (including all kind of arable
                        lands, pastures, hayfields etc.) exceeds the rate of 4 hectare per capita.
                        Suffice it to say that usage of this spaces only for pasture and hay-making can create
                        the value exceeding the total GDP of Dusheti District!

Renewable Energy - According to the latest study (January 2011), the small hydro power
                                     potential of the district is around 600 MW with annual output capacity
                                     exceeding 3 billion kilowatt-hour level.
                                     Proceeding from the fact that Dusheti is also one of the richest districts in
                                     terms of animal husbandry, there is a big potential of bioenergy production

Tourism - Such exotic places as Pshavi and Khevsureti offer the district an opportunity to make
                  progress in several fronts. The combination of unspoiled nature, unique traditions and
                  indescribable beauty of the landscapes can help Dusheti to become leader in the field of

                  The example of Bazaleti Lake shows that the district's tourist destinations may also
                  become competitive by investing more in infrastructure.
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